New Membership – Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club (OLSC) of Queensland.

Please note: Membership period is from 1 September 2020 to 31 May 2021.

Join Queensland’s Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club and stay up to-date with the Official Liverpool FC Supporter Club news and events.

LFC Queensland Supporters Club recognise that this year has been a roller coaster of mixed emotions, the highs of our Wins and unfortunately the lows brought on by COVID-19.

We have made the decision to give back to our Club by offering FREE MEMBERSHIPS this year for our Supporters in a bid to assure you that “You Will Never Walk Alone”.

Membership is for this 20/21 season only and next year will be subject to joining fees for Individuals and Families.

Please click on the link to register your memberships.


The membership registration is a three part process, to apply to become a member of the Queensland Supporters Club;

  1. Complete the registration form below;
  2. You will then be automatically directed to our online store, to select your 2020/21 free membership and complete your membership purchase;
  3. Once you have completed your membership purchase, you will receive a return email. If you are not a resident of Queensland, please contact your local OLSC to access Branch benefits.

If you also have LFC Official membership, don’t forget to include it on the registration form, it helps our Branch grow.

Join Queensland’s LFC Family.